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11 Business Networking Tips To Help You Get Your Next Client

Are you looking to join a powerful business or expand your own using networking? Using these 11 strategies, you can easily win over clients.

Usually, when people consider networking, they only consider engaging in such activity with a select group of their most valuable customers and clients. The development of strong relationships with influential individuals who can act as mentors or introduce you to credible business partners is also essential.

Although networking can be seen as a technique to gain favors and assistance, there is more to it than just a "give and take" mentality. Building relationships with other businesspeople and being able to return favors when needed are crucial.

Advantages Of Building A Business Network

Now, the question arises whether building a strong business network is beneficial. According to a recent poll, the majority of local clients for small and startup firms (about 85%) come through recommendations from existing customers. When satisfied consumers talk positively about your company to others, it builds your brand's reputation and brings in new customers. LinkedIn found that in 2016, 85 percent of job openings were filled through in-person and online networking.

Evidence of the fruitful outcomes of professional networking is abundant. Let's say you're not building relationships with people in your target market, earning their trust, or educating them on your business tenets. In that case, these are some of the most telling indicators that you may have missed a chance to create a promising alliance and subsequent fruitful collaborations.

There is more to networking than making new friends and acquaintances. Attending seminars and events, hosting business dinners, and networking with other professionals are all helpful ways to gain respect and credibility among other organizations. Having a cup of coffee with your customers is one way to stay in touch with the latest in developmental and practical education.

11 Tips For Successful Networking

Be sure to strengthen your company's foundation by making connections and establishing interactions that will inevitably lead to expansion. Plan ahead and take judicious action if you want to expand your business quickly. Just delve into these 11 tips to maximize the opportunities coming your way!

1. Overcome Introversion

Overcoming natural shyness is a challenging task for introverts. But, it can be the first and one of the most challenging barriers in your way. As an example, consider a situation where you are interacting with a bunch of business people. This can be an opportunity to start your new fruitful networking by building relations with them. But you are not in a position to express your thoughts and plans efficiently and confidently. What do you expect? As a result, the other people may lose interest in your talks and would rather go for someone with more confidence and thoughts.

This can be achieved with some strategies to overcome introversion and build friendships. Firstly, consider a walk or a coffee before an important meeting. It is refreshing and helpful in calming yourself before interactions. Secondly, prepare some creative brainstorming thoughts before the event to prevent the on-the-spot stressful situation.

2. Attend Business Networking Events

Once you know how to deal with new people and start interacting with many creative brains in one place, business events are the best place for that. Getting in touch with people in your field opens up many opportunities and trustworthy partnerships.

Every business event and interaction is an opportunity, so ensure to attend them. It often helps explore new developmental ideas and creative approaches to educating yourself with new learning.

3. Choose Your Purpose

Before attending any business meeting or gathering, choosing your purpose or target is profitable. You should know the reasons for attending the event and what you seek from them.

The purpose can be getting an idea for the latest and upcoming development, making strong connections, generating referrals, or donating time to the business community.

4. Start With A Conversational Icebreaker

It's natural to feel awkward while interacting with new people but seizing an opportunity is needed to make a good impression in a first meeting. Try to start a conversation with interactive compliments to overcome this unrelated moment. Grab the attention by simply making eye contact and telling them how pretty their shoes or watch are. Or, discuss a new project launched by them and how they feel about its success. These little interactions make a good chance for the other person to talk about them and get engaged in the conversation.

5. Bring Someone You Know

It is comparatively easy to start a conversation if you have a known face by yourself. The interactions can begin with introducing yourselves and then discussing some crucial matters. You can bring someone who wants to generate referrals or a coworker who wants to understand the business world better. This way, it will be beneficial for both partners. But never forget to interact with other people attending the event rather than just be into yourself discussing in the corner.

6. Never Be Afraid To Ask What You Want

If you want your business network to grow and show positive results, never feel ashamed of seeking assistance and ideas. Before attending the next meetings and events, figure out what you need and when someone asks if you need help, get to the point, and it's done. Be sure to solve all your doubts and questions to prevent mistakes without hesitating.

7. Know Your Worth

Delivering excellent service and products to your client is not sufficient enough. You must know how to convey the information to them as well. If you cannot tell your client about the worth of the product at that time, it will be a losing battle for the future. So, be sure to generate a brainstorming and pitch-elevating description of the matter. Convince your client about the deal and why you are a better choice for customers than your competitors in the market.

8. Don't Be Negative

Negative thoughts will block the trust between you and your potential partners. Avoid any conversation that begins with negative thoughts about former companies or your business competition. Make every sentence of yours filled with intellectual thoughts and respect for other firms. This enhances the confidence and trust of your partners within you.

9. Don't Be Selfish

In the business world, everyone seeks something from their partners and clients. This is the chain rule of the business web, where every individual and firm is directly or indirectly helping each other, and most of the time itself. It's all about giving and taking, so if you are the one asking for constant favors and support, this will be a tragic partnership and, more often, does not last for long.

10. Keep the Relationship Going

After making a connection, the next battle is to keep it running. This means that it is required to keep the interaction going and follow up on the latest news or projects once in a while. You can invite them to an event, forward a connective article, or even send them a friendly note or message during your vacations. It maintains connectivity and helps the relationship last for a long time.

11. Be Socially active

Working hours should be considered one of many times to network. Always try to interact with your colleagues and search for opportunities to meet new people regularly. Attend events in your free time to initiate building purposeful interactions.


Building a business network helps expand your reach and form strong partnerships. Check out these tips to expand your business with these prominent and beneficial interactions with creative and professional minds and form a bond that lasts long. Try to attend as many meetings and events as possible to get updated with the new developments and products. Visit to learn more about networking strategies that can benefit your business.

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