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Creative Niche Ideas to Start Your Event Planning Business

Thinking of starting your own event planning business but not sure how? Continue reading as it is all you need to get inspired and get started in the event business.
Thinking of starting your own event planning business but not sure how? Continue reading as it is all you need to get inspired and get started in the event business.

Are you contemplating launching your own event-planning company in 2022? We have good news if that’s the case! Since the need for event organizers is only expected to increase, now is a fantastic time to break in (especially post-pandemic). Yet, identifying a specific customer base to target is a significant obstacle for new businesses—no need to fret, though, since that’s where we come in.

This article will discuss unique ideas and approaches to the event planning industry that will set you apart from the crowd and bring in more customers. So, let’s begin…

How to make your event business stand out?

As you begin your career in this profitable field, you’re undoubtedly thinking about how you may market your event planning business in a way that stands out from the competition, especially among planners in your immediate area. When launching a business, one of the most challenging tasks is differentiating your offering from the competition. After all, many other companies are providing equivalent services.

Having a specialization (or multiple niches) will prove invaluable. And to be honest, it might become your new best friend!

Discover your niche.

In the context of event preparation, this term refers to the target demographic for your services or offerings. For instance, a wedding planner’s target market would be engaged couples. Your target audience could also be companies that frequently host meetings and conferences.

The importance of finding your niche in event planning

Aspiring event planners should focus on a particular area of expertise for various reasons:

· The ability to specialize can set you apart from other event planners. Finding your expertise is essential to stand out from the crowd and win over customers in a market saturated with professionals in the same industry.

· This facilitates laser-like concentration. Bear in mind a clear picture of your ideal consumer; you can target your marketing efforts more successfully—because of this, gaining customers and making money is simplified.

· A specific market focus can increase your earnings. If you target a specific demographic, demand for your services will be higher, allowing you to charge higher costs.

Who is the event planning industry aimed at serving?

To find your niche, you must first know to whom you’re selling. Directly put, this is the target demographic for your products or services. This article is ideal if you’ve never before had to identify your perfect customer.

The professional event planning industry is the two primary demographics catered to by consumers and corporations. Consumers are those who pay event planners for their services, while businesses are those who host such gatherings. There are numerous subgroups within each major category, including (but not limited to):

· Consumers

· Planners for weddings, engaged couples

· Planners of business conventions and gatherings

· Organizers of social gatherings such as parties and showers for new babies and other milestones in life.

· Planners of red-carpet events, award ceremonies, and other glitzy celebrations of the celebrity lifestyle.

· Party organizers for the disabled, weddings, and other special events for those with physical impairments

· Businesses

· Trade show event organizers are businesses primarily planning and executing trade fairs and conferences.

· Businesses that want assistance in arranging meetings and conferences are the target audience for meeting planners.

· Engagement ring holders - wedding organizers

· Meeting and conference organizers for corporations

· Charity parties

· Tambola and other game parties.

There is a wide variety of event planning specializations available. And we haven’t even scraped the surface yet! So, no matter your interests or skills, there’s likely to be a niche out there for you!

A wedding event planning

In 2022, it is projected that Americans will spend $72.02 billion on weddings. That’s a lot of money! Lots of cash is at stake. Consequently, wedding planning is an excellent niche to choose if you want to focus on events.

Plus, there are dozens of various sorts of weddings to select from elopements, LGBTQ+ weddings, small weddings, hybrid weddings, beach weddings, barn weddings… The examples are simply endless! To hone your event-planning skills, you could want to specialize in weddings if you have an imaginative and meticulous nature.

Exclusive events

Do you enjoy event planning but dislike the stress associated with weddings? If so, specializing in private event planning could be an excellent fit for you and your firm.

Celebrations of personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements are all examples of private gatherings. To top it all off, you can be pickier about whom you work with because these gatherings typically only include close friends and family members. You can increase your prices while still keeping your workload reasonable, thanks to this!

In addition, there are a plethora of niches to fill in the private event organizing industry. You could specialize in events for businesses, the general public, or those with unique needs. The limit is in the sky.

Business events

Planning corporate events could be a great specialty if you thrive on competition. Organizing any event, from a small meeting to a massive conference, may be a significant challenge for planners who work in this field. Sometimes, you’ll even be tasked with planning various functions simultaneously.

Do not let that put you off. Corporate event planning is also incredibly gratifying, as you acquire experience working with huge brands. Indeed, many businesses are prepared to spend over the odds to secure the services of planners who can successfully navigate intricate logistics and create an unforgettable event.

So, if you’re an event planner searching for a novel method to advance your career and set yourself apart, consider focusing on corporate events. You won’t come to regret it.

Virtual events

Events like parties and parades had to be postponed during the pandemic. Individuals have turned to online events or activities as a replacement and to keep celebrations going as planned. As many people become accustomed to holding and attending events online, this tendency will continue to grow.

Thanks to virtual planning services, you may serve clients worldwide without leaving your house. Many couples now prefer to plan their entire wedding online, from start to finish. And, because most teams already have a broad concept of how they want their big day to appear, your goal as a virtual planner will be to help them bring their vision to life by selecting vendors and producing a calendar that details all of the stages needed in putting on a successful event.

The popularity of virtual events has greatly increased in the past two years, but not all event planners provide this option. This means you have the possibility of limiting competition in your local market while simultaneously making your offerings available to customers all over the world.


We at hope this article has inspired you to expand your event planning firm into new areas this year. Find a specific field that interests you and fits your background and expertise. Therefore, think beyond the box, examine the subject thoroughly, and enjoy yourself.

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