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Festival Marketing Strategies To Win Over Your Customers

The festivals are just around the corner, and lucky for you, this article presents the best festival marketing strategies that will help you gain customers.
The festivals are just around the corner, and lucky for you, this article presents the best festival marketing strategies that will help you gain customers.

Bring on the festivities! Every festival, occasion, or event is an additional opportunity for your brand to engage with its customers. Having a festival marketing strategy in place is thus a terrific idea for your brand. It all comes down to developing a clever marketing plan for festivals that will reach every target group and connect with every client.

During the holiday season, you can showcase your products, provide new offerings, and attract a larger customer base. While there are various festive season marketing methods to consider, we advocate taking a comprehensive approach.

Here are some unique festival marketing tactics to assist you in reclaiming your customers:

Select festivals to be targeted

It is critical to target your festival audience: should you put up a booth at a film festival, a music festival, or a small community festival? The solution is ultimately determined by your customers. You may demonstrate a shared culture that creates long-term client loyalty by meeting your consumers on their terms.

Provide Takeaways

Ensure everyone who comes to your booth receives a business card, brochure, and/or coolie cup - something tangible they can keep. You want them to remember and contact you if they need further information. T-shirts are another excellent alternative because your booth visitors will wear them, exposing people to your brand.

Bring people to your booth

Don't let potentially passionate customers pass you by if you're at a busy festival or have the wrong booth placement. Place vinyl banners, posters, or booklets strategically to attract passers-by to your stand.

Demonstrations of products

If you want to lure people to your booth, do excellent and exciting product demos. For example, a skateboard retailer may have a skateboarder performing tricks in front of their booth.

Give consumers a cause to buy your product

It's one thing to send out information at your festival stand; it's another to sell your company efficiently. Give consumers a reason to buy by offering a time-limited coupon or another incentive to make an urgent purchase. And, of course, make the advantages of working with your organization known.

Make it enjoyable and participatory

Product demonstrations are entertaining, but dunk tanks, trivia, contests, and other games may make your booth more interactive and enjoyable. If at all feasible, allow your audience to interact physically with your product.

Gather contact information

You want to gather contact information so that you may follow up with possible clients, but don't make the mistake of putting a sign-up sheet on the table. It will not be completed. Instead, ask them to provide their information to be entered into a drawing for a desirable gift. If the prize is good, you'll have a lot of calls to make the following week.

Other activities should be supported

At festivals, your booth isn't your sole marketing avenue. Sponsoring music stages, contests, rides, or other festival-related events is a great way to have your banners and other marketing materials seen by a large audience on the festival grounds. Consider guerilla marketing, sending a team out into the crowd with brochures, pamphlets, coolie cups, and other marketing materials.

Pre-market adverts

Before the event, let potential customers know you'll be there so they know where to search for you. Publication ads (particularly those on the festival's flyers and brochures) are ideal. You can also use signage and advertise on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters.

Post-market adverts

Take lots of images and videos at the festival and share them on your social media networks to maximize shares and visibility for your business. You can gain clients who were not even there at the festival by sharing.

Don't forget about the mobile!

Before the holiday season begins, your website must be mobile-ready. When picking which brand or retailer to buy from, most online customers prefer being able to shop on mobile. If your in-store business is already thriving, including e-commerce on your corporate website is not bad. Convert a standard corporate website to e-commerce before the holiday season to collect online sales.

Contact Email Marketing

Because of the clutter, email marketing during the holiday season may appear inefficient. However, there is a way to ensure that your festival marketing strategy reaches your target audience. Email marketers' favorite approach for improving performance is message personalization. Tailor it for your consumer, from customized e-cards to personalized vouchers or just a reminder to purchase.

Make it unique by including information about their past purchases and the kinds of seasonal goods and services they often enjoy. There's a good chance that a well-executed email marketing campaign is all it takes to close the deal for your business. Marketing automation is used in the marketing plans of several large multi-brand retail establishments and businesses. This provides detailed consumer segmentation, tailored campaigns, and a qualified sales funnel.


Festivals can be excellent ways to reach new clients, especially if you build a targeted festival marketing strategy to gain permission-based marketing rights. These festival marketing techniques work for all businesses and can assist you in increasing lead generation and sales. It goes without saying that a festival event can be a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons. When running a festival marketing campaign, you can use these tips to reach out to new clients.

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